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Life Pet for Leveling?

May 21, 2014
So after trying out all the schools, I've really fell in love with my Life Wizard. She's almost level 30 at the moment, and after seeing and reading about how useful pets are. I figure it's about time I get one. So I was wondering which would be the best for leveling, I'll be mostly attempting to solo the game as I don't know anyone who plays. So a Crown Life pet that helps with that would be great. I plan on buying a ton of crowns, so there's no limit. :)

Thank you! :)

Apr 03, 2014
Well it depends on if you would rather have a healing pet or an attacking one. I believe if you are looking for a healing pet you might wanna get the Flying Squirrel and maybe hatch it it with a pet with more healing talents, but if you are looking for attack then you should look in to getting the Forest Lord mostly because it gives Forest Lord card and having a multi-attack is good.

Robert Gold Lvl 43