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Life Banshee

Sep 01, 2009
One of son's friends told him she got a life banshee pet from something called the Spirit Wall in Dark Cave. I was under the impression life banshee only dropped in Krotopia, but looking at links via Google, I saw something posted that said there was one in Dark Cave. Does anyone know about this, and how one goes about getting that pet in Dark Cave? Thank you for any input on this subject. Erin Dawn Weaver, Life Grand Master, if you are lower than level 30, please don't try and friend me. I can't gift you a house, or a mount, or anything else.

Jun 09, 2009
The Dark Cave banshee, is a blue banshee that drops from that cave's scarecrow boss, ( I don't remember name :-P).

Also, people do not beg for gifting over forums, those posts are deleted by forums admins.