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Level 98 Pet Problems

Jan 07, 2013
I recently got my Lord of Winter pet, and I was super excited to find new hybrids. Well, I found online that there weren't any known Dryad x Lord of Winter hybrids. So, I hatched with one to find out. I got my pet back, ugh, but it's manageable. I ended up hatching with 3 Dryads and every single time I got my pet back! Then I decided to hatch with Fossil to get a known hybrid. I hatched twice and got my pet back AGAIN BOTH TIMES. This is 5 TIMES I've hatched with pets to get hybrids and every time was a waste. I am very frustrated and I wonder if this is a possible bug? I see every other Exalted wizard with hybrids.

Quinn Winter, Exalted