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less than what you started with

Mar 25, 2010
I thought when you raise pet to epic and breed it with another EPIC, that you get better stats?

example: both of my satyre and wraith have higher stats at epic 300 strength knowledge and so on...

But all of my three eggs two wraith and one satyre, have gone back to lower stats, and lower pedigree!

How many times do I need to keep trying weeks of painful GOLD farming pet raising to get the pet that KI promise

I don't like the 50-50 chance putting all the hard work and having less than what you started. :(

Apr 21, 2010
The age of the pets you Hatch with will not affect the Pedigree of the offspring.
The Pedigree depends on the Rarity Points of the Talents and Derby skills that transfer. If more low RP slots happen to transfer from both parents, the Pedigree can be lower than either parent. If more high RP slots happen to transfer from both parents, the Pedigree can be higher than either parent.

KI doesn't promise any pet from Hatching.
They certainly didn't promise that stats would always increase in the offspring - especially not with pets that are so close in Pedigree.
If you want greater odds for increasing the Pedigree, you need to Hatch with a 2nd pet that is several points higher than the 1st.