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Kroger Pet Jewels

Jun 28, 2008
Just out of curiosity, will the Kroger pet jewels be released to other states or remain a Texas only card, I find it disheartening that players are having an advantage or disadvantage in game based on where they live, I've heard of other players paying other players to obtain the card for them this becomes a who you know or who you trust issue and doesn't fix the major disadvantage many players are facing. I believe the card has been " IN TESTING" for well over a year now and still Only available in Texas?

Jun 15, 2014
Only Texas I haven't seen any news from Ki to chang this.

Aug 04, 2018
Hey guys would like to ask you i got Mortal Toil Onyx A.K.A May cast mass feint but how it exactly works? i found out it is supposed to be triggered with negative charms or traps but it can be triggered also by my team mates or enemies using trap or negative charm? let me know if someone know how it works exactly thank you for replies :)