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Kinda new player need help

Jul 04, 2010

I bought Storm Hound awhile ago and has now trained him up to adult, I was woundering when he accually going to help me in duels, like bonus pips...

Will he ever be able to give me some sort of bonus at duel ?? I got a card when he was baby , will I get any more cards ??

Thanks and sorry for my english

Aug 23, 2009
The battle talents-pips, boosts, defense, cards, etc-that your storm hound may develop will depend on what is achieved when your pet becomes ancient and epic, which is when new talents will be revealed. If you have a card already then you probably won't get any others. For a fuller explanation of Advanced Pets check out link below for details from the Advanced Pets update.


Good luck with your Storm Hound.

May 05, 2010
Greetings and welcome. Your pet will only give you cards for what it says (in this case as a baby). Your pet will very very rarely ever cast spells in duels (ultra rare ability). Otherwise, it depends on the abilities it develops while you are leveling it. It will have two different sets, duel and derby abilities. Hope this helps!

Jul 21, 2009
If you have a pet that comes with a card, it could come with another card, but it is very rare. Trained all of my giftcard pets and one came with a blade for minion card.