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KI did I miss something? Gurtok Demon

Aug 26, 2009
OK I know it takes a while to get the Specter/Spectre Pet from Gurtok demon. I have kept track and between my too wizards I have battled him 147 times give or take a few. Now is there something I may have missed that is keeping me from this pet or am I just unlucky? My one is balance grand the other storm master. Any feedback would be great.

And before people get upset and and tear up I'm not complaining that it is too hard it does not matter to me if it takes 500 tries sometimes, that's fine with me so long as I did not miss something that has to be done first.

Jan 02, 2009
well it is pure luck you can get it. i got it my first try but other than that just keep trying :D

Aug 11, 2009
From the topic: help did not get icebird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Prospector Zeke wrote:

No item is guaranteed to drop from a creature.
You have the exact same chance of getting a specific item from a creature each and every time you battle them.
There are no tricks, no ways to stack the deck. You have the same chance of getting the item the first time you duel him as you do the 100000000th time you duel him, it's just a matter of luck.

Have fun!!! :) :) :)

Sep 01, 2009
It took me two weeks to get the spectre. I got the crab on the first try, and can not for the LIFE of me get the life banshee in Krokotopia. So, there's no secret, it's just timing. I was fighting Gurtok in DS next to a level 17 (um YEAH) and he got the pet first time. I almost cried. But, I have it now, And you will too! Just be patient, and it will drop. Erin Dawn Weaver, Grand Life :)