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Jade Oni Pet and Storm Hound Pet!!!!

Dec 22, 2008
K i have been farming the Jade Oni over and over again. I have read post that he drops it. Then i read that Malistare drops Jade Oni Pet to. I farm him and i want storm hound too. Can i get those pets from them or not. Its really annoying to have to go beat them a thousand times guys and a bunch of you know how i feel. What i am asking is can you actually get them. One of my friends did but i really dont believe him. TELL ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 05, 2008
Well by what my calculations have said and by other websites, those bosses drop those pets at 1 to 7 percent, but from what has happened with most of my friends who got them from a boss, they usually used crowns in the chest that appears after you defeat the boss. For that to happen, you need to use about 694 crowns, which boost the percent to 34 percent.

-Amy Hawkmender

Sep 26, 2009
I am not sure about the jade oni, but i got a storm hound on my storm wizard when i went one time with my friends. :)

Dec 22, 2008
Well okay guys well this isnt the greatest new :? o well if anyone wants to post more its appreciated.

Apr 28, 2009
same thing happens to me then this lvl 7 dude comes and gets it twice in a row i fighting him on my lvl 2 now