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Jade Hound

Apr 29, 2009
So I have a GM Myth and settled on getting myself a Jade Hound for my first hybrid. I have tried twice hatching with Adult Satyrs, once when my Orthrus was Adult and then again when I leveled him to Ancient. Both times I got another Orthrus with the potential just a bit higher. So before I start farming again, I am looking for some confirmations:

1) Is the hatch mix correct? (Orthrus/Satyr can produce a Jade Hound)
2) Does it help to level my Orthrus from Adult up to Ancient and Epic?
3) Does it help more if I hatch with a Satyr that is Ancient or Epic?
4) Should I try to hatch with a Jade Hound (If I can find someone that will do it?)
5) Can someone share their pain in how many times they have had to hatch to get their desired hybrid, because I have a sinking feeling this is going to take me awhile...

Much appreciated,

Christopher Lionbringer

Jun 09, 2009
1) Yes, that is the correct combination

2)Ancient/Epic pets have higher pedigree meaning higher costs

3)See above

4)Yes, that will help if you can Orthrus/Satyr mix has 4 possible pet outcomes, while Jade Hound/Orthrus has 2 possible pet outcomes increasing your odds (not chances) by 100% (making 50% instead of 25%)

5) I have mixed 11 times no hybrids. :) Feel better?

Mar 08, 2009
First of all, You have the correct mix. Second, I would recommend leveling your orthrus so you will have a better chance. Third, you should try to find an ancient satyr. Fourth, i would not recommend it because it is almost impossible to find someone who has a jade hound and that wants to hatch with it. Fifth, I feel your pain.I have a satyr and i always wanted one but i mostly got satyrs and travellers. But one day i got it so just keep trying. BTW life has a 30% chance of getting one but myth has a 70% chance of getting it so you will most likely of getting one so good luck.

Dec 15, 2008
Ok,first, i'm pretty sure a jade hound is balance. Second, its all about probililaty. And finally, i tried several times to get a hybrid but either had not enough money or it backfired.

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