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It could be nothing but...

Apr 11, 2010
Ok maybe it has been a while, but I'm lost on how I managed to gain 4 Orthrus pets!

I have my grand one, then there is one I hatched with a life wizard. But the other two, I have no idea how I got them. I know I've been fighting bosses a lot for my grand gear and a couple give out pets. Maybe I might have won one of them if so. But that still leaves one orthrus pet mysteriously in my bag.

So weird...

Apr 21, 2010
KI gifted copies for L48 pets that were not able to manifest Pip Boost or Pip O'Plenty.

May 31, 2010
Could it be the additional pet that Zeke spoke of ?

Copy/Pasted from Zeke

Prospector Zeke wrote:
Good news everyone!

We were able to identify all players who received their level 48 quest school specific pet between May 25 2010 and July 8th 2010.

We will be running a script in the near future that will give you another copy of this pet, only the new one will have a Power Pip talent.

We will not be altering your current pet, but giving you an additional copy of the pet with a pre-set Power Pip talent.

I will post a follow up here when this is complete.

Feb 22, 2009
Hatching is the answer for some, but i'm not sure about the other 2. In no way is it possible for a boss to drop a level 48 pet, so thats not the answer. It's a glitch, my friends have experienced this with their level 48 pets too

Apr 11, 2010
Oh! Ok, that answers that :)

Hmm, any chance this new orthrus will also give out mythpower? Attack boost percentage.