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Is this right?

Apr 24, 2010
Hi I just wanted you guys to know that I was fighting a boss and it said I got an evil snowman pet so I was happy. So I waited 5 min. and exsepcting it to hatch. But it did not hatch. So I went to that pet's page and guess what the time was for the pet to hatch. 5 HOURS AND 42 MIN.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not belive it. :-o So now I'm waiting for it to hatch. But when a lot of read this it will already be hatched. But still 5 HOURS AND 42 MIN.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a really long time. And I know it said that. So I thought it must be a pretty amazing pet. And when it hatches I'll tell you about it. But anyway bye.