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Is This How The Side Pedigree Works?

Aug 25, 2011
Hey guys, I just wanted to figure out if my theory of the (20), AKA My Polar Bear Cubs side pedigree thingy theory

My pet's Main Pedigree is 64(0) At Baby. (The Side Pedigree is the (0) I talk about, I don't know its real name)
Okay, so at Teen, it had gotten Sharp-shot (Accuracy to all schools, Ultra-rare skill, 3 dots.) Then at Adult, May Cast "Unicorn" Spell (Epic Ability, gives your pet a chance to use the spell "Unicorn", 4 dots), And then at Ancient
Health Boost / Gift (Common Skill, Gives you a Health Boost, Rises when you train certain areas of your pet.)
So all together, right now, my pets Pedigree is 64(20). Now, I don't know if this is how it works, but it sort of works out at the end of it.

The Pedigree at Baby was 64(0)
At teen, It changed to 64(6) If I recall correctly.
So, Its 3 dots, and you double it, to get the 64(6) from the talent.
Adult, it obtained May Cast "Unicorn" Talent. Its pedigree then raised to 64(14).
I then got it to Ancient, and got the Common Talent, Health Gift, 0 Pips since its common, and the total Risen to 64(20).

I found this strange, but then thought that, the total was 14 at teen, and risen to 20, and the max talents I had was 3, 6 is you count the derby ones, and if you add one point to each skill you have, you end up with 20.

Thats My theory. Please dont reply saying "Oh this isnt the theory" and be rude, I would like a Kind and Smart response from people who know the true Theory, Maybe a Moderator.

Sep 07, 2011
You have the right idea. The first number is the total of all the "dots" plus one for both the talents and derby abilities. The second number is the value of the ones you have unlocked by training.

Common = 1
Uncommon = 2
Rare = 3
Ultra Rare = 4
Epic = 5


That doesn't really matter to how good the pet is because there are some great talents that have low "dots" but that is how it works.

Mar 07, 2011
I tried to understand your post but it's better to just explain how it works. You need to remember your pet not only learns a regular talent, but also a pet derby talent, which also adds to your pets Pedigree.

You get one point for each talent learned. So if you trained a pet to mega, you would have 5 regular talents and 5 pet derby talents, which is 10 points. Then you get points depending on the rarity of each talent your pet has learned, which you can see by the number of dots next to the talent.

  1. Common= zero dots
  2. Uncommon= one dot
  3. Rare= 2 dots
  4. Ultra Rare= 3 dots
  5. Epic= 4 dots

Example: You train your pet to teen and get Spritely and Spiffy Pop talents, both rare talents. You get one point for each talent discovered which is two, plus 2 points for Spritely and 2 points for Spiffy Pop, for a total Pedigree of 6 points at teen.

At adult let's say you learned Spell Proof (Epic talent and some random Uncommon pet derby talent). That's two more points just for learning 2 talents at adult, plus 4 points for an Epic talent and 1 point for an Uncommon talent. This is an additional 2+4+1 = 7 more points added to your Pedigree. So at adult you now have 6 points from teen and 7 points from adult for a total Pedigree of 13 points at adult.

Your pet would display as 64(13). Does this make sense to you?

The Pedigree number on the left is the sum total of dots in each of the ten talent slots for both regular and pet derby talents, plus 10 points (one for each possible talent you can learn up to mega). Your pet could never become 64(64) because you can not learn all ten talents.

Wouldn't it be great if KI gave a clear explanation of how Pedigree works instead of keeping it a big mystery? KI likes to keep a lot of their content a mystery and not explain it to us lowly "young wizards."

May 22, 2009
You are correct up to a point. The number in parenthesis is the total of the combined manifested talents and DERBY abilities. Adding the 'dots' next to all the talents and derby abilities should give you the number in parenthesis.

Dec 29, 2008
I used to not understand what the pedigree was but after I read this guide it was all clear to me. I hope it helps you understand pedigree better!


Aug 25, 2011
I forgot about Derby Talents in my theory
Let me try again..

So 64(0) Pedigree once I hatched him
It learnt Sharp-shot at Teen
MC Unicorn Spell at Adult
Then I learnt Health gift at Ancient (I got a bit upset!)
Derby talents,
Teen I got Lock
Adult I got Shush
And then I got Supercharge at Ancient
Sharp-shot is an Ultra-rare (3 dots), so it would be 3 Side pedigree, then add the Lock, which is Rare (2 dots)
so, at teen, I would of gotten 64(8), Correct?
Adult, He got Unicorn MC, and Shush. May Cast "Unicorn", which is an Epic Stat, and Shush is an Ultra-rare.
So, Teen I had 64(8), and then when Adult, I would have 7 dots in total, so all together, at Adult, I would have
64(16) at Adult, I think anyways.
Now Ancient, I got Health Gift, 0 Dots because its a Common stat, and I would had 2 for the Supercharge, and then 1 each for Supercharge and Health Gift, making it 64(20).

Is this how it works out?

Zachary Blade

I'm a Pyromaniac, Deal with it.

Feb 03, 2012
Lachjdk on Aug 31, 2013 wrote:
I used to not understand what the pedigree was but after I read this guide it was all clear to me. I hope it helps you understand pedigree better!

Awesome thanks for posting the link!