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Is this a bug in pet hatching?

Jul 08, 2010
So far no one has been able to help me figure this out. The last post i started under pets was deleted i guess, so I am asking again here under 'problems'

if you go to HELP
then to PETS
page 10 says quote...

"You can use two of your own Adult pets or one of your pets and one from another Wizard. If you collaborate with another Wizard you will both have to pay the gold cost, but you will each get an IDENTICAL copy of the new egg."

(The cat in the hatchary said pretty much the same thing when you talk to him at level 7)

so far i have tried pet hatching only 4 times;

1. My death ninja pig with my mothers blue banshee, result: we both got an identical blue banshee

2. My death ninja pig with my mothers blue banshee, result: we both got an identical blue banshee

Now, This is where trouble starts.

3. My Orthrus with a friend's Ice Colosus, result: He got an Ice Hound and I got an Orthrus. I sent in a ticket to the Wizard101 support, it has been over 48 hours and no response back.

4. My Orthrus and a friend's Hellphant. result: He got a War Oni, and I got another Orthrus. I have not contacted the support about this , hoping I can get this cleared up here.

I understand the term "you will each get an identical copy of the new egg." as meaning that each person will get one of a set of twins. I read that they have recently altered the pet hatching so that you can not get a pet you can not equip, So that would be the only mentioned exception to this.

So is this a bug, or is this how it is suppose to happen? If it is a bug, am I suppose to have an Ice Hound and War Oni?

I love this game as does my wife and mother (we are going to start our daughter on it soon). My wife and I have only been playing for about 2-3 months and doing the story quests together and both our first characters have become grandmasters together (well she is lvl 49 still), we both take turns keeping my mother alive :P It is a great family experience we hope to continue for awhile

The only issue we have had so far is with the hatching and I admit this has me a little frazzled, but i can understand if it is a bug or the help page needs updating. but so far no one has been able to tell me either.

Please can someone from Wizard101 help me clear up this confusion?

Jul 08, 2010
I received a reply from support about this finally, However they did not address my question, They just restated how rare it is to get a rare pet.

My question is actually about how 'identical' the eggs are that two people get when they hatch together but get different pets.

again quote from the Wizard101 help page,
but you will each get an IDENTICAL copy of the new egg.

Does the term 'identical' mean just the same stats? or the same traits?

Because looking at my orthrus (2) and my friend's ice hound (apperance, traits, and stats) there is nothing identical beteen the two.

same with my new orthus (3) and my other friend's war oni, (appearance, stats, traits) nothing identical there either.

or should they change the help page to just say...
" but you will each get a new egg. "

Jul 08, 2010
little update: tried to hatch my original Orthrus with the Ice hound my friend got from attempt 3, the resultwas he got another ice hound, i got another orthrus

Jul 08, 2010
Last I heard from support was on the 14th, still no explanation as to if this was a bug or a misunderstanding or what.

Apr 21, 2010
That was the original plan.
But it was changed quite a while ago.
It is typical for the two wizards Hatching to receive different eggs rather than identical eggs.