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Is feeding your pet liked/loved effect talent

Mar 29, 2009
I've been wondering for some time now if feeding your pet its "loved" or "liked" snacks makes a difference in the pet's talents? Because I have pets and it's just too hard to stick with a liked or loved snacks only because what you get from drops is what you get, unless you sell them but either way feeding your pet is favorite snacks can be pretty pricy especially when you buy them from large quantities despite me not wanting to purchase mega snack packs.

So does feeding your pet it's best snacks in the end it gives good talents? Or is the pet's talents already implemented into them so that whatever talents they have ahead of them can't be changed from feeding them poor snacks like "your pet ate the snack" to feeding them beloved snacks .. " Your pet loved this snack!"
does it really make a difference?

I asked few players this and they just tell me mixed answers when they can have pets that have multiple "may casts" without bothering with the loved or just ate.


Apr 18, 2013
Hi there XvalzioX!

I see you are wondering if liked or loved snacks that your pet likes makes a difference.

Does the pet snacks make a difference?

No, if it is a liked or loved snack the power goes up. This makes it so you have more morale during the race. (Energy to increase the speed.)

Also, it makes the talents such as pain giver have more effect.

Angel Hex,

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