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incorrect resist % showing

Jun 14, 2012
hi all, I have several deer knight pets with double resist. spell proof, and spell defy. proof is 10 and defy is 5, however, in m resist list, it only shows 14%, not 15%. on another wizard I have the same issue. added up all my resist from gear and pet. should be 42, instead it shows 41.
I have tried unequipping the pets,and logging out, then back in and re equip, but still shows the same numbers.
anyone else have this issue, and if so, how did you fix it.
Thanks in advance. Daniel storm

Sep 07, 2011
That's normal if your stats are in a certain range. It's not a glitch, so there's no need to "fix" it. It's the difference between rounding individually on the pet, but together on your wizard stats. You are getting the right resist according to the strength, agility, and power of your pet.

Sep 17, 2012
You don't have high enough pet stats. The numbers round off for each skill.
Proof is (2*Strength + 2*Agility + Power)/125
Defying is (2*Strength + 2*Agility + Power)/250

If all your stats are all 238 for example:

Proof = +9.52, rounds to +10 in single display
Defy = +4.76, rounds to +5 in single display

real numbers 9.52 + 4.76 = 14.28 rounds to 14 in total

Jun 14, 2012
Hey Gemma and Seethe, thanks for educating me on the numbers.
What you said made perfect sense, and yes my stats are in that range, so it makes sense.
Much appreciated. Daniel