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Ideas for new pets

Apr 10, 2013
There are a variety of Wizard101 pets, but there are still many kinds of pets that should be made. The following are some of my ideas, and I hope others will add their own:
1) Little Raincloud. should have tempest card. should be drizzling and maybe have a frowning face on the cloud.
2) Skeletal Cyclops
3) Mini Bartleby. should come with a rebirth.
4) cartoonish smiling sun. should sun school pet. can learn various sun school spells and universal talents such as pip o plenty.
5) Crescent moon. similar cartoon vibe to sun. learns various polymorph spells (maybe even may cast polymorphs which could be fun).. throw in some universal talents too.
6) Shining Star. anoter cartoon vibe. casts various auras including may casts. also have some universals
7) Stellar Protector. those robots are pretty cool looking in Celetia
8) Pets that look like the various school teaches
9) Gamma look-a-like pet. Any school would be good, but should be very powerful given that Gamma is the headmaster's pet.
10) Floating skull. obviously death.
11) Bear Trap pet. gives potent trap card.
12) Grey Alien. weird, anachronistic, but cool
13) Pets that look like the various Prospector Zeke quest items (ie troggs, black crows, azteca spaceships, lounge lizards)
14) Water-Mole. could come in a variety of schools
15) Mini-Greyhorn. maybe make it a moon school pet.

Sep 04, 2013
thumbs-up to mini bartleby!

some kind of shark would be nice.............................but hey, who doesnt like the ocean???!!!!

Valdus Ghostsword lvl 27