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Idea for KI to consider

Feb 25, 2010
Ok, there have been a lot of complaints regarding the pets system. People hatching pets the same as what they already have, costing WAY too much to hatch said pets, pets not having cool talents, etc. That said, I admit I have a really cool pet that I adore. I have a buddy that has a pet he adores. We hatched our pets and we got exactly what we already had (he's still waiting for his to hatch right now). It cost a bundle to hatch them, and I would love to be able to give him my newly-hatched pet. Problem is, I can't.
My idea for KI is to allow pet trades. Between friends only, of course. That way, if I have too many of a pet, and he has too many of a pet, we can give each other our extras, if we so desire.
It's just an idea, and I'm sure it's one folks would enjoy!