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Idea!! Add Pet Hatched School Parents History.

Oct 24, 2012
Hello Wizard101crew,

Hatched Pets, (Idea Add Pet Hatched School Parents History.)

1 Forgotten with what pet we hatched our pet with?

2 We can not remember all, on our pet, with which school we hatched our pets before?

I got more then 200 pets. And among those are hatched pets. I do not know anymore with which school I have mixed an pet up before?

Example: ←example this is what your pet look like

Fire Pet ←HATCHING→ Life pet

NEW EGG Example: PEThistory: your pet (Parents )

Example: FirePet (Parents)←HATCHING→IcePet

NEW EGG Example: PEThistory: Fire (Parents and )

Greetings Armand

Oct 24, 2012
Anything news around this Idea?

Apr 07, 2010
Aug 03, 2012
I think this is a good idea. I do have pets that in which I wanna see their parents.

Oct 21, 2013
Keeping a history like this for our hatches is really really useful.

Hope something like this comes out!

Oct 24, 2012
And? WIZARDcrew,

Did you read this message? anything news around this matter of fact? pleas add this feature.

Greetings ArmandSecret

Dec 31, 2009
Knowing which school you hatched your pet with is not going to help with knowing the talents, you need to know the talents of both pets for it to be even useful.

For collection pets, I do not really care but mostly have 1st generation ones so I know their entire talent pool. For pets I am trying to improve I keep spreadsheets of hatches and talents/predicted talents. Some people keep screenshots which works also.

What exactly do you think there is to gain by knowing what school you hatched a pet with anyway?

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
This is a good idea.

Until it happens, you could do this yourselves by keeping track of your hatches in a simple notebook or spreadsheet. I have a Pet Hatching notebook and have been recording pet hatches for about a year. It just takes a couple of minutes to jot the details down while I'm waiting for the egg to hatch. Tracking hatches has really helped me refine pet stats and develop the talents I want.

Each hatching gets its own page. On it, I list both parents' pet Type, pet Name, pet School, pet Pedigree, each of its Stats (like strength, agility, etc), and any Talents it has showing. (I usually put the "mother" on the left side, same as in the hatching window, and the "father" on the left.) If I know what order their talents developed, I note that as well.

After they hatch, then I do the same for the baby that results, and I start tracking their talents as they develop. Even if a bad talent emerges, I can also tell if a good talent got through. That can help me decide which pets to keep breeding.

You might want to track these pets and their hatchlings by wizard. I didn't do that at first and now I'm regretting it. There are far too many pages to get through when I'm trying to track ancestry.

Alia Misthaven