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Ice Hound

Feb 22, 2009
I am a level 50 ice wizard and I want the Ice Hound so much. Can somebody please tell me how to get it. Thank you. :-)

-Nicholas IceGem

Dec 20, 2008
Dec 10, 2009
well lets see , i have spent the gold twice now trying to get ice hound from myth and ice mix - guess i am doing something wrong because BOTH times i got the parent back- NO new pet
at this point i am discouraged with orthus(sp?) and stormzilla, i have a herd of zilla running aound cause that is all i seem hatch with those, i have a few ice colossus now, and now myth hound 3 (the original school pet)

obviously this is VERY random whether or not you will get something different, i have with one zilla hatching and one colossus only that gave a different pet

lol i not counting my ice elves and spectres, have a few of those too now lol

my satyr mixed with a wraith and i for the dead tree, but the next try with lady blackhope got us each our parent

i will train up my own wraith and mix , hopefully, with my ice colossus for frost wraith ( 1 have 2 accounts) i mix my accounts or match up with a friend for hatchings

right now, all mine are broke, so we go back to the streets of ds and pick some fights - the rewards are fast and good, fastre than boss fighting and we always get decent gold, and either an item to sell or snacks

ok back to work here

luck everyone