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I Need Some Help

Sep 07, 2010
Hi, i need some help with understanding pets. I know you have to get some by winning boss battles, but there are some pets i want to get, but i dont understand. Can you please reply with some information about pets and other stuff about them?

We have an extensive players guide - check here for your answers:

If you want the prize, you have to build the ladder rung by rung. There are no shortcuts.
Mar 13, 2010
You can buy some pets, but usually, the best pets are won off of bosses. They are not a common drop.

You will get a pet special to your school when you reach level 48 and win your level 48 spell.

I am finding that if I train a pet that is from the same school as I am, then I get attributes that help me in battle. For examplie, my fire wizard has a fire snake and after training it, she now gets a plus to her accuracy as long as she is "wearing" that pet.

If you have crowns, there are some good pets you can buy both from the crown shop and from the pet shop in the pet pavillion.

Extra pets you are not using can be set in your home and will greet you when you get near them. :)