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Hydra+Wraith= Another Hydra - Balance only

Mar 03, 2009
Ok, so on Wizard101 Central, they have this list going of level 48 pet combinations. I liked the spectre that someone got by crossing a Hydra and a Wraith, so I leveled my Hydra and went in search of a Wraith. I found a Wraith, and we hacthed eggs. I got another Hydra. :( What's REALLY bad about this is that the Hydra I got has lower stats than mine, PLUS it's Balance school only. Is this right? I knew I could get another Hydra (which it shouldn't be that way, but whatever), but I didn't know it could be a school only pet. What is my Balance wizard going to do with ANOTHER Hydra with even lower pedigree than my original?

This was a complete waste of time and gold. Hopefully pet hatching will be a bit more worthwhile in the future.


Jun 09, 2009
May 08, 2010
i will take it if you still have it . i im justin fire blade if you see me put me on your friends list and i will work on my ninja pig a lot. and i will thow in 2 mega snak packs and one set of wings.