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hydra that is not mine just appears in back

Jun 12, 2009
i was going to go on my grand balance today and i looked at my pets to give down to the lower levels and i had another hydra named lady beu that wasnt mine i only have one hydra named lord maximus is this some kind of glitch can you correct this? I think it was from the power pip chance thing but its not my hydra my hydra is lord maximus it is some kind of micheif of the power pip chance of getting another hydra this is probably someone else's hydra if they have lost it i am happy to open my hands and gve it back :D claim the hydra here quote this text and i will be happy to contact the admidistrators if any admidistrator sees this plz give this hydra back to it's correct owner :D

Joshua wraith lvl 50 balance wizard claim this hydra by quoting under this then i will contact a admidistrator :D :D :D :D :D :D

Jan 21, 2010
In the pet forums, near the top, there is a thread: "Update to level 48 pet status."

It explains that: if you got a level 48 school pet during a certain period of time, KI has decided to give you a copy of that pet. the copy pet will be at adult level and will have the Pip'o'plenty talent. Even if your pet happened to learn the Pip'o'plenty talent, I believe, KI just decided to give a new copy pet to everyone who could have possibly been affected by that glitch.

Pet names are randomly generated, if you would like to change the pet's name go to the dye shop and click the pet collar tab at the top of the dye shop menu.

When you see something in your game, that you don't understand, send a 1:1 support ticket. Give them a few days to answer.

After making this thread you probably got a ton of pm from a ton of people all claiming that it was their pet hydra.
It's like finding extra money in your bank account. You don't announce it to the world; you will have twenty people demanding that you give them their money back. You should go to your bank office, and ask the bank representative where the extra money came from.
In this case you ask the game company where the extra pet came from.

May 23, 2009
did you battle monters and things? mabey you got a hydra and didnt see it.