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Hydra for level 48 Balance

Oct 31, 2008
Here's my thought on the subject of pets, I have worked on getting my balance character all the way to level 48, excited to receive my school pet for reaching level 48 and guess what? Nothing! Nothing but an egg, which now I have to go back raise from a baby with no real attributes. My other two GMs have their pets which were Almost adult when this whole pet fiasco came about. Why do I have to go back and raise this thing to have it do what the others already do? I worked hard enough on it. If you want to raise a pet then go buy one and raise it, but if you really want to improve the pet situation, let them grow while we are doing our quests instead of the whole pet pavillion thing. And leave the school pet out of the hatching and raising thing 48 levels should be payment enough.

I've seen a whole lot of changes to this game since it first came out, don't particularly like this one. I don't play PVP. Never did, Never will, why would I want to with the pet?