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hybrid pets

May 21, 2011
hello Benjamin dragonflame here I finally got a very good pet!!!!!! I am very interested in the pet called marid. for any wizards who don't know it is a storm efreet. I was wondering if anyone had it and is willing to hatch with me the pet I would beusing would be a cloud beast storm forest lord who is at anchient and has proof defy and pain giver. I would be willing to gift if someone with a marid would hatch with me. people with marids on the game who I wanted to hatch with have been extreamly rude so ive came here for some help

I would really appreciate anyone who would be willing to hatch with me who has a marid if you want to meet I am eastern standard time plz state the time and day where and what realm you want to meet in.

Really appreciate your time,

Benjamin dragonflam level 76 wizard