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High ranked Selfish Pet talents

Feb 12, 2013
Here's the story I had a Trojan horse pet and it learned unicorn and spell proof. Now this trojan horse was actually the son of a friends deer knight and my original trojan horse the deer knight had spritely and fairy and I sort of assumed that the baby would get it too. I trained to ancient and its last talent was relentelessa slefish talent that was "Ultra rare" so my question to kingisle is this

Why have selfish talents as ultra rare thats just sort of getting players excited about getting cool talents but making them angry when in fact they get a talent for a pet derby which is something they never really do. I know the higher the skill is raised is different from number to number but still why not make it uncommon based on how many players actually do do pet derby. Look at your numbers that way you can lower it or raise it instead of letting players rage quit pet training when they get something selfish in a high pedigree pet