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Help with Good Pet?

Jul 09, 2009
Can someone hatch with me? . I have a firezilla with may cast spritely and may cast unicorn and was wondering if anyone have like a spud or perfect pet that would like to hatch. I've been trying to find someone to hatch with but they all decline because my pet stinks I just want a good pet to have so I won't be jealous of my friends :)

May 18, 2009
Your pet sounds great! I have several pets including mammoth, enchanted armament, fierce hound, and snake in a basket if you're interested :)

-Elizabeth Darkmask level 83

Dec 20, 2010
Well Ill hatch with you regardless my Enchanted Armament is a hybrid with a Assailing Dragon.
So it has the possibilities at good talents like: Sprite, Vengeance Gargantuan, Damage increase, and The Sharpen Blade spell.

Richard GoldDust 71

Feb 07, 2009
I Would Be Happy To Hatch With You. I Have A Storm Cat That Gives You A Card At Adult (Does Damage Of 500- 540 I Think, Sorry I Don't Really Remember Stuff Like That) And May Cast A -80% Storm Shield. Also, I Have A Brave Hound That May Cast Spritely And Gives You +40 Health. Finally, I have Storm Snowman That Gives You A Card And +25% Damage Of Storm. Just Let Me Know If You Like Any Of My A Pets And We Can Meet Up.
~Emily IceRiver~