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Help: Pet Hybrid Hatching not working.

Jul 07, 2009
I have a mega Yuletide Spirit and an Adult Pegasus Pony. I have tried hatching three times and all I ever get is a Pegasus Pony. But I wanted to get a Harmonious Sprite. I have read in forums that the hatching process should be 100%, but why isn't it working for me. Can you not hatch a hybrid by yourself? Or what.

Sep 17, 2012
Is your Yuletide Spirit first gen or a hybrid? Hybrid hatching is never 100%guaranteed, but your Yuletide Spirit must come from a first gen YS, not the Yuletide Spirit hybrid that comes from hatching a Frostman and Seraph. With hybrid hatching, you have 3 possible outcomes, either parent or the new hybrid, so it may take several tries to get what you want. Self hatching is the best way to get them because you know the pets' background.

Jul 07, 2009
Its a first generation. I bought it from the guy in the shopping district a couple years ago. And the pegasus pony from a game card. I didn't know about the hybrid thing, glad to know that. But wont explain why it isn't working in this case. I guess Ill keep trying. Maybe I will get it eventually. Thanks for your help. :)

Jul 07, 2009
And right now I am up to 8 hatches and still haven't got the Sprite. Im beginning to believe there is an error in the hybrid info. I wonder if anyone has ever gotten the Harmonious Sprite from the Yuletide Spirit and the Pegasus Pony. I'm beginning to feel like its never going to work. Right now I have 5 Pegasus Ponies and 3 Yuletide Spirits. And No Sprites.

Mar 13, 2010
Eight hatches is nothing. You might not even get the hybrid you want in twice that. That doesn't mean the wiki is wrong or that anything is "not working." It's all chance - and getting the hybrid back is low probability.