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Help me find one.

Jul 12, 2009
Hi i need help finding a pet.Not a certain pet but a pet whit the characsteristics below.

Eventually gives a card whit a minimun of 3 pip cost.

The card to be of any school but myth.

Also if it is purchasable it takes gold.

And last not a pet that can only be found trough arena tickets.

If you know a pet like this tell me the name and where i can find it.

Mar 13, 2009
Try the brown spider in the mooshu pet shop... its only 5050 gold and it is a rank 3 spell (means it requires 3 pips) it is life class and its spell i believe does 220 life damage and puts a +25% life damage trap on the enemy it hits. And you have to level it up to adult to get the card... really easy to do by the way... hope this helps