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Help!!! I don't understand

Jun 23, 2010
Okay so I've been constantly hatching pets for awhile now and I've still failed to create the right pet. I'm a max death and I still don't have a pet with a decent critical / damage. I've been hatching for so long wasting a lot of crowns and I still get pets with 3% critical or even crazy stuff like "cool down" and stuff as talents. I always see people with pets that are very decent and I fail to create a pet like that every time Someone please help or give me some tips

Aug 16, 2009
Hi Kelly - Here is my two cents on how to raise great pets...

1. Become a gardener and grow lots of Couch potatoes and EMPs. You are going to need lots and lots of mega snacks. You can either buy them or you can grow them. Buying them becomes pretty expensive as you will need hundreds of mega snacks. In my case thousands as I have various pets that most folks would consider nice stat pets. One potential bonus on this point is that sometimes when you start gardening and learning all about that, it becomes really fun. It did for me as now I have four Verdant Gardener characters in my stable with literally 1000s of mega snacks. Only alternative to growing them or buying the snacks are runs through Mirror lake. But who want to do that 100s of times for pixie stix that only are worth 30 points anyway?

2. There is no easy way to raise a pet with the attributes you want that this Grandmaster HatchMaker knows of. Unless you luck out which does happen. The only reliable way I am aware of is the concept of "base" pets. This is simply the methodology that dictates once you have an adult pet with at least two criteria you are looking for, stop training that pet and use it only to hatch with others pets in the kiosk that have all the qualities you want. Then once you get an ancient pet with three qualities you want, stop training and start using that one to hatch with only. And so on and so on through epic and mega. I only train pets to ultra if they are a superstar and I want the jewel slot for them.

I know this is a tough answer, but raising great pets is a tough subject, and not straightforward.

There are various other things that are important as well, but easier said than written. If you are not already scared off and you'd like to chat on it, let me know when logging on next, realm, and char name and maybe our schedules will match. Or you can look through this pet message board (older messages), as alot of good advice in some of the posts here. Victoria Fireheart has some of the better written out tutorials on the topic

Either way, good luck to you with your quest for the perfect pet!

Aug 08, 2010
Yeah, it's basically try, try again. There is no way to control what talents pop or breed into next gen. All you can do is keep hatching and training until you finally get a winning combo. Granted, a perfectly tuned pet isn't really necessary outside of competitive PVP (I could do a whole rant about the entry barrier that creates but won't), so I'd say just try for two or three good talents and a good gem if you just want something for questing. I've been trying to hone a nice pet on the side for my main and I know what an uphill battle it is. It's a marathon, not a sprint, so pace yourself and manage your expectations. You'll get there, just keep at it.