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Hatching with the Kiosk

Feb 02, 2010
Confused here. Can someone help me to understand if there is a rule or something I missed about the kiosk hatching concerning using crown pets. I used a crown pet with a pedigree of 78 to try to get a non crown pet of my class with a pedigree of 63 & yet I got a copy of the crown pet...again. Can we not use crown pets to get regular pets? Am I just having bad luck?! I mean wow thats a big pedigree difference... feeling annoyed here.

Oct 09, 2009
When using a crown pet to hatch with a non crown pet is generally a bad idea. From my experience when I tried hatching my crown pets with a mix breed rain core I got my my pet 49 times in a row. Reason being crown pets cannot be offered in hatch making cause that would defeat the purpose of the game trying to get people to buy the pets. The Kiosk I believe is designed so that crown pets will not be produced by the kiosk to prevent players from obtaining them via kiosk hatching.

If someone hatched with your pet and their pet was a crown pet they most likely got their own pet. By going to My Hatches you can see the type of pet that hatches with your pet. If you do not have that pet in your tome book you will have to pay 1000 crowns or lower to hatch with the pet. As well as paying the gold to hatch with the pet.