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Hatching with any pet

Mar 07, 2010
Hey everyone,

I just have a question that i need cleared up. A little while ago I hatched my wraith pet with a stormzilla. Turns out I got lucky and received a Tempest ( exactly what I wanted). Now, I have earned another 50 thousand gold and have nothing to spend it on. While thinking about what to spend it on, an idea popped into my head. I thought of hatching again except this time not with a level 48 pet. I thought about hatching my Tempest with another rare or discontinued pet like a Defender Pig or Burnzilla.

My question is: If i take my Tempest into the hatching process with a Defender Pig or Burnzilla, what will the outcome be? I was pretty sure i had the possibility of getting one of those pets if I hatched with one until I told a few friends. Some agreed with me and some said I would get the same pet I already have. I just wanted some clarification before I go and spend 50.000 gold.


Steven Deathdust, Lvl 50 Death

Mar 07, 2010
Can anyone help me out with an answer? Any answer helps especially if an Administrator could answer!


Jul 10, 2009
I would like to know too! I am confused about this hatching process. I have tried twice now to mix my helephant with wraith and came up with nothing but helephant and wraith. :( My question is this, is this pet hatching just a luck game ? Or is there something else I need to know or do. If it's a luck of the draw then I am not going to spend ANOTHER 50 grand to get the same pet I started with.

Autumn Winterblossom