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hatching problem

Feb 06, 2010
I am noticing a reoccuring problem. The past 2 times i have tried to make a mixed pet with my satyr as one parent, BOTH were failed hatches. Can we have an increased success rate on satyrs with other pets? i dont save up 32 thousand gold just to have something i already have.

Jun 09, 2009
You never described the other pet. Only schools pets MIXED with scools pets will make hybrids. Promo pet make hybrids as well.

Apr 21, 2010
It's not a Hatching problem.
You successfully mixed the Talents of both parents.
That is the primary purpose of Hatching.

Dec 10, 2009
Pick , think of us who use to spend 100 thousand plus on one hatch! then KI was kind enough to go to 44-45 thousand, now we down to between 32-35 thousand! with cl items and gold higher values, i can hatch almost every day lol

i have enough satyrs for 2 baseball teams i think, but i also have hybrid mixes; i can say the same for my orthrus and ice colossus
it's all in the roll of the dice, random, luck, etc, my poor hydra doesnt do very well mixing either lol, tho it seems to like life to mix with, i have several reapers now lol

i need one more colosssus type - the myth mix- i have recently been lucky and gotten the others
but i think KI has increased the odds maybe, i seem to be getting more mixes recently, yesterday i hatched 2 nightwalkers - the death minotaur wraith/orthrus mix. I did it between my accounts and both got, i also had a double hatch a few months ago of the ice hound

try self hatching - where you have 2 adults in backpack , money needed, and go on the single circle in the hatchery
i have been 50/50 with this new method; no need for them to be your school pet either

good luck all
keira and the guys