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Hatching Pets Costs Money? Here's an Idea

Mar 23, 2013
Hey! So my friend loves to collect pets but doesn't really have any good ones yet to hatch with people, so its my job to go and hatch pets with people so she can hatch with me. But, I never have enough gold! Hatching pets wipes out all my gold, and it is rather annoying. I was thinking there could be "Hatching Points" you get from the Ranked Pet Derby or Playing Games. Maybe you could also purchase them from a vendor. It would cost you points, not actual gold to hatch pets. It would cost more points to hatch with a rarer pet and so forth. (the arena tickets of the pet pavilion) What do you guys think?

Nora LionThorn, level 33 Balance wizard and Baby Jackson, Mummy Cat

Mar 12, 2013
This would be a nice option for people who aren't actively questing or farming for gold.

As long as gold remains an option for people who aren't interested in derby pets.

Feb 06, 2010
Well for your level your not expected to have 30-40k of gold. Level up to 40-50 and do grizzleheim with people. Then go on to Wintertusk. Winter Tusk has easy bosses that give 50k of gold in gear value an hour in some areas. Sell that gear to the bazaar. I farmed him for 4 hours and now I have a wonderful pet. But I like this idea. How about 70 points for a pet like a hydra. 1 point per perfect game or 5 points for perfect ranked derby and so on.
Critical Death

Mar 23, 2013
Oh. thanks! (but still, I like this idea)