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Hatching Pets

Sep 13, 2009
I am a little upset over my first hatching. My second wizard, Amy Wildheart, of the balance school has been a grandmaster for a while now and I have recieved my Hydra pet. Just today, a fellow wizard and I decided to hatch a pet. I was really curious about the Hydra/Stormzilla combo so we went in and spent the 40,000+ coins to hatch a pet. Being the curious kids we once were when we were kids, I went to the dye shop to see what I was getting. It shows me a stormzilla looking like creature that is red with bumps like an aligator. This is all fine and dandy, but my friend here got back the same pet he started out with and being the person who pays for the account, crowns and such, I truly think that it is unfair that he spent all that time to make that many coins to get what he already has. I seriously doubt that we will do that again. It basically was a waste of money so if you are reading this post, and are curious about hatching those two together, don't do it. You're pretty much taking a chance at any combination. I think since they decided to implement this whole pet hatching thing, they should have gotten it right. I doubt we are the first to be disappointed.

Sincerely, blinkysweetporky