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Hatching: Manifested vs Inherited talents

Jun 16, 2011
So my question is, what determines what talents the egg will have? When looking at the talents list I know they will only get 5/10 talents and they are already decided from the time the egg is hatched. Now when you hatch that pet with another, will the talents passed on only be the talents that can be manifested or any of the talents that were inherited but will not manifest?

Jun 27, 2013
The manifested talents have no bearing on what talents a pet will inherit.

Talents manifest in a certain order.
Proof seems to always be above heals, also above defy
My fairy always shows in the bottom 5
May cast Balance blade, or dragon blade seem to always show in the top 3
Gives tower shield always shows top 3 for me
Deer knight always shows bnottom 3 for me

Knowing where a talent manifests in relation to the list of 10, and against other talents, can greatly increase your chance of "Knowing" what talents are where on your pet.