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Hatching a Wraith with a Hydra

Aug 14, 2009
What are the possible outcomes for hatching a Wraith with a Hydra? Just wondering. Is there any way to tell if I am getting another Wraith? I hatched a Wraith with a Stormzilla and got a Wraith. Wasn't too happy about that. Thanks for any comments.

Feb 10, 2009
I know of two ways to tell right after you mix and before it's hatch time is up.

1)if you're getting a normal plain wraith the hatch time will be 18 hours instead of 20

2)go to the dye shop under recolor pet and click your egg, it will show you what it is no matter what

There is no way to tell what you'll get before you spend the money and mix

Jun 18, 2009
You can get:
•Darkreaver (rare)
•Reaper (rare)
•another Hydra
•another Wraith

Hope this helps,

Scarlet Willow
Master Sorcerer Lvl 48- Dragonspyre

Victoria Dusk
Magus Necromancer Lvl 36- MooShu

Dec 04, 2009
i hatched a hydra with a wraith and got a hydra pet just like i hatched a orthrus with a hydra and got another orthrus....

Dec 23, 2009

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