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May 31, 2009
After spending much time on getting my stormzilla leveled up to ancient, Using many treats and playing many games, I bred stormzilla with the myth dog. After spending almost all my gold doing this, I waited and was watching for my new pet to hatch. Hours later when the pet hatched, I found that I had a new Baby stormzilla, It is not different from my ancient stormzilla.
So now I spent all this time, Gold and effort on a pet that is exactly like the one I have. Where is the benefit here?
I went to Bazzar and sold all my pet treats, and got out of the pet business. I can not see spending time and effort on something that is not at all Beneficial.
What is most dissapointing is that evidently the game doesnt care. I read postings from players that have had the same experience as I have had. So this has been an on going problem, Hatching a lesser pet than you have or hatching a pet exactly like the one you have.... Players beware.
When i get new pets they will go to the shop to be sold, I will only hold on to pets I have as school pets. Because of this I am having trouble bringing myself to come online to Wizards and play. When you reach out for something and get nothing it is hard to justify any more effort.