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Aug 03, 2009
Ok after a few minutes of some math i discovered it is roughly 555gold per species max attributes(example my krokomummy says 3610 that thirty six) so if i have a thirty six max attribute pet it would be simply 555x36=19980 which is alot of gold but resonable. BUT then it is that plus the other pet i want to hatch with so if i wanted to hatch with my 35 max diseased wildclaw it would be 35x555=19425 which again is a lot but reasonable. but of course to make these too have an egg i must add the prices together. 19980+19425=39405. we can asume that it is around 40,000 gold !!!!!! dont you all think that is just way to much i mean i could see even thirty thousand but i am mixing to pets that are good but no rare so if i had a rare pet... that would be just way too much.
i am not sure if this was the goal but i also figure out it was 29600 crowns to get forty thousand gold... that means if you wanted a good deal you would buy the $60.00 deal then spend half on gold so you could get one pet. that means your paying $30.00 for a pet. is there a connection between that? because i get a decent allowence every week and i think that that is a waste and not using crowns... that would take a very very long time.
just saying that it could be a little lower even like the old rule minus like ten or five thousand gold woul be cool
see you in duels to some
-Ronan Deathweaver
(p.s. did i get close to the rule because i am mostly curious about that? )