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Hatch or adult, or train to epic first?

Dec 13, 2009
My storm grandmaster has an ancient Storm Hound, and my death grand has the lvl48 Wraith (adult). Does anyone know if there is any benefit to training them both to epic before hatching, or should I just go for it now?
Any experiences hatching ancient/epic pets vs. just adult ? Will the hybrid chances be better at higher levels?

Mar 01, 2009
Excellent question! I have been thinking about this for awhile. I personally am waiting until my pets reach Epic. The pets gain another skill/talent at epic and it just makes sense to see all of their talents before hatching. My Helephant currently has Awesome stats: Add Barriers to all lanes; Add Bananas to all lanes; Oil Slick one lane; 5% pips; 5% Fire damage; +25 Head and Book stats (Intuitive). Cant wait until Epic for my final skills.

Apr 21, 2010
KI has stated that there is a greater chance for the Talents that manifested in the parents to manifest in the offspring and that it therefore pays to wait until after Talents actually manifest.

Which implies that it's better to Hatch with Adults that have manifested the specific Talents you want. Those Talents would have the greatest chance to manifest in the offspring. 4 Talents with the best odds.
And, by extension, implies that Hatching with Epics with 8 different Talents means there would be 8 Talents with equally great odds to manifest rather than just 4.

You could take the risk of going to Epic to see what all the Talents are, but if they happen to be Talents you don't like, those undesirable Talents will have the same odds to manifest in the offspring as the Talents you do like.

If you have Talents you like at Adult, it pays to do some Hatching then - before continuing to train.