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Happy story, Sad ending

Jul 29, 2009
Ok so here's the story. To start with, one parent had pain giver, spell proof, spell defying, and spritely, and mine had pain giver, spell proof spritely, and tower shield. The first talent my egg got was spell defying, which in my head, knocked out tower shield cause all the other talents were the same. Next it got proof, then pain giver. And, since I figured that it would get spritely at epic because both parents had it, i used all my mega snacks and several energy elixars. And, at epic, it got mana gift. Where the heck did mana gift come from. I mean, both parents had spritely, and it got mana gift, which nither parent had. KI, please, how was this possible. What are the odds that not only getting a talent not learned my either parent, but also NOT getting a talent both parents had.

Jul 31, 2008
Well, you must remember that all depends on chance. When you hatch your pets, you may mess around with chance. For example: in your case, your egg's parents both had similar abilities (4), but, those were 4 abilities out of a possible 10. This means that in the beginning each ability had a 10% chance of appearing.

So, when you hatched your new pet, since both parents had spritely, the chance of that ability appearing on the baby were higher, maybe a 20% chance of appearing. BUT that is still 20% of of a possible 100%. This means that theoretically only 1 baby out of 5 would have that ability.

So what you must do, is keep hatching until you get the one that you want.