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Gobbler Pet?

Jun 17, 2010
Do you Think there should be a gobbler pet that gives gobbler card? It would be helpful :) A good myth pet. it would make some very good pet mixes :)

Apr 02, 2010
LOL yeah I could see that, especially the 'attack animation'. I could see it being used in PvP too, more than it should be.

You can find a Gobbler Treasure card at the Bazaar, three pips 375 Myth damage; if you are Life or Death and have a left over Myth blade or trap from Spirit Blade and/or Spirit Trap you can have a decent hit with it. Price ranges from a low of 200 up to 280 gold. The cards are dropped mostly in Colossus Boulevard and of course the moment you try to get one you won't, I tried it, doesn't work, better off to just go do Big Ben over sell the loot and buy the cards. And yes, it has that same animation sequence. Enjoy!