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Extra school pet

Feb 27, 2010
I have a level 50 fire wizard. She earned a helephant at level 48. When I went into that character recently I had an extra helephant. My sister also had an extra school pet. Has any one else had this happen? Does anyone know why?

Jan 21, 2010
There was an announcement. The origional level 48 pets gave their owner a +5% power pip chance. When they compleatly changed pets to give them powers and talents, all of these pets lost the pip chance boost. People complained and KI tried to fix it. The fix skipped the level 48 pets that were made during a certain period of time.
KI decided to give people who had these pets a copy of their exsisting level 48 pet, the copy would have the pip'o'plenty talent.
Pip'o'plenty gives +5% or even more when certain pet statistics are maxed out.
They didn't delete the origional level 48 pets who lacked the pip'o'plenty talent. I think that is because KI didn't want to get more complaints on the issue.