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Extra Lap- Pet Derby

Feb 21, 2013
  • I know this topic dates back to 2009, but I have been racing my pet heavily for the last two weeks. The pet derby races is something I thought I'd give a try. I have seen a total of six glitches since I began playing them (within the 2 weeks), where a racer is forced to do a third lap. On two occasions I was forced to do a third lap. Both occasions, I was in the lead by 30-40 seconds, then came across the finish line to find out I had to do a 3rd lap. Due to this, I know have 1 undeserved aluminum medal, and 1 undeserved bronze medal.
  • The aluminum medal is an embarrassment since I've bred my pet several times to get the talent and stats that I'd wanted. In between races I farmed for gold and hatched. I'm usually in 1st place, unless I come against someone who has the same talent, excellent racing ability through the course, and has properly trained their pet. By no means am I boasting, I'm just upset that my biggest worry during a race, is having the possibility of this glitch and having to do a third lap, which comes with the 4th place medal.
Certain things within the derby still remain a mystery to me. I was in a race where there were three initial racers. Early in the race, the person in 3rd place decided to drop out. I was in first place, then when I was about to finish, the racer who was in second was automatically at the finish line. My time then had an additional minute and 30 or so seconds added to it. The player who was "given" the 1st place position was then given 3 arena tickets, and I was given 2 ( I still have the screenshot). How exactly does the derby tickets work? I thought that if someone drops out, then you will receive 1 less derby ticket. I could be very wrong about this, but based on my experience when I came in 1st place, when others dropped out, I have always received one less ticket. Note: Spiffy pop was not used during this race, and I never saw him pass me.

Again, sorry to complain. I've also had an issue with changing lanes during certain races. At times, I'll run into a brick wall or mud (usually at the beginning of the race, and sometimes mid-way) because I was unable to change lanes well after 15-30 seconds into the game, and no, the talent "Lane lock" was not used or any talents at all that would disable my pet from switching lanes. I have excellent service connection, so I do rule that out.

On a positive note, I love to race my pet, and in spite of any of the oddities and glitches I've encountered, I will continue to join ranked matches. They're fun, though slightly underrated.

Nov 05, 2011
Yes, derby has some major glitches that still haven't been fixed. Some insight:
1. All your situations are quite odd indeed, which supports the fact that KI needs to go back in and fix these glitches.
2. Doesn't matter how many people drop out, the racer in first will always get the same amount of rank(10 pts) and tickets(3) as if there were 4 racers. I know this from experience. I've had all types of situations happen to me. 1 drops out, 2 drops out, have even had occasions when all 3 drop out. And even when I was the only one to cross the finish line...I still got 10 pts and 3 arena tickets. This fact did not fluctuate at all when it occurred multiple times.
3. Only reason you wouldn't be able to switch lanes if no ability was used on you...is your connection. I have great connection too, but anything can happen. In fact, I've only had this type of event happen once. And although I have great connection, it was my connection that was the problem. It just simply gave out for a second. As much as you have confidence in your connection, you can't really rule that out.

I'm a huge fan of derby just like you, and hope these problems are fixed, but, I am glad to see your enthusiasm.

See you on the track!
~Vanessa Mythdust

The Untold Spiral Founder/Owner, Co-leader of Mercenaries101, MMORPG.com Writer, and much more!
Mar 07, 2011
Another reason you might not be able to switch lanes is because there is a pet right next to you which you cannot see. This is why I've been in favor of a rear view mirror in pet racing. However, pet racing is probably dead last in their list of things to improve or fix, so don't look for much improvement to pet racing anytime soon. They even took away our pet racing badges so maybe pet racing is going to be eliminated altogether.

For you racing fans, you might like to know they made a badge called Pet Warlord for beating a certain monster in the test realm. So they've already given at least one of our badges up to another quest, completely unrelated to anything to do with a pet.