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Nov 14, 2012
wizard 101 is my favorite web game but it needs a little bit more for pets and pvp i am writeing this about pets i think that pets should grow as they eat and change appearence not only should they grow as a baby they should be simple and as they grow into teen , adult , and three other levels i cant think of they should change appearence not anything big like a second head just like more texture more spikes sharper spikes and ect but not only should they change small ammounts when they max out there lvl they should evolve into something like helhounds should grow a head or dragons can turn into hydras but without hybrids and restart as a new stronger species and when they restart they should have the stats grow into them so you can refill the stats bar and power or traits and have the ultimate battleing pet and you should add pet armor that you can forge and equip with your pets to change their appearence and stats . i know this is a long subject but pets should branch off with their owners class when they evolve such as a wizards pet should turn more mythic or wizards pet should become skeletal or have a helmet crafted from a skull or a wizards pet should grow a flame aura as it levels and at evolution it should flame those are a few examples just a thought that would bump wizard 101 and kingsisle up in the rpg leader boards if you review this kings isle take this into consideration and you will become even more famous!

May 08, 2014
Jan 27, 2012
Well first.. check your spelling and grammar..

Second, I love this idea. Think about it, humans look much different as a baby compared to them as an adult, so shouldnt pets be the same? A baby dragon would have stubs, not spikes. A teen would have short spikes, adult would have long, dull ones, ancient would have long sharp ones, epic would add stubs on the tail and back of head, and mega would have long, sharp spikes covering most of its body.