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Epuiping a Pet

Sep 28, 2010
I've looked all over the Internet, on Youtube and even searched these forums, and I tried every answer I could find. Double clicking on a pet (not to mention jamming all the keys on my keyboard and clicking all over the place) didn't work, and I don't see an equip button (yes, I asked for help in the game) and I STILL can't equip a different pet! I even tried getting the imp that a hated and equipping him when I got him, and now I'm stuck with HIM! PLZ help

Note: It may be worth noting that a recently got subscription... And I've tried restarting Wizard 101

Jamming all the keys is probably going to get you in to more trouble than do you any good.

1. You cannot equip EGGS. You must wait for a pet to hatch before you can equip it.
2. Some pets are school restricted. If you are not the specified school, you cannot equip the pet.
3. To equip a pet, select it in your backpack. At the bottom of your backpack are two icons, one is a closed fist, and one is a trash can.
a) Click the closed fist to equip the item you have selected. It will then change to an open fist to allow you to unequip it.
b) Beware the trash can, it will delete your items.

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