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Epic but why still 53/22?

May 19, 2009
Ok so i recently got my pet to EPIC and the numbers above its head are 53/22.

[Your pet's pedigree score represents its upper potential, which is how rare and powerful the talets and powers are that it can manifest. The higher its pedigree, the better. The second number represents how much of your pet's potential pedigree it has already manifested.]

So even with all my statistics maxed out why is it at a 22? Shouldnt it be a 53, or at least in the high forties? I dont understand why even at epic with all stats maxed out it only managed to manifest a measly 22 points. So did it ever actually have the potential to get to 53? Or is this result of poor training?

Apr 29, 2010
The pedigree score is the sum of all the possible traits. Each trait is scored according to rarity (1-4). Since you can only manifest four talents and four derby powers the figure in parentheses will always be lower.

My storm cat has a pedigree of 53. This is the total of:

6 (3 rare talent x2)
21 (7 ultra-rare talent x3)
10 (5 rare derby x2)
15 (5 ultra-rare derby x3)
53 pedigree

She has manifested 3 ultra-rare and 3 rare traits to date giving me a total of 15.

Aug 11, 2009
Increasing your pet's rank is just one way to manifest power. You can also raise this by training your pet in games to increase its statistics. Pet derby games are also helpful.

Connor Raveneyes, lv. 36 Thaurmatage :-)

Aug 11, 2009

I forgot the most important thing!!! Your first (and maybe second) generation pets can only manifest four talents and powers at a time. When you breed new pets, they already have one of their parent's talents and powers. You will have maximum manifestation score when you find all the talents and powers your pet has.

Sorry for not remembering this.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
The 53 is the total of all the 'dots' that are on the pet, so add all the columns on both sides.

The 22 is what was achieved in the 8 slots you actually recieved.

The 53 is more a rating of how many awesome slots you have, and the 22 is what you got.

32 is the max, 8 epic slots
28 is half epic, half ultra-rare
24 is the 'ultra-rare' avg
20 is half rare and half ultra-rare
16 is the 'rare' avg

So it seems you are almost all ultra-rares with a few rares tossed in. Not too bad. I too wish that the first number was the 'best' you could get for the pet, but....

Aug 05, 2009
By the time I answer this question you will probably of already gotten your answer, but here's the answer anyways. This, for me personally, has been the most confusing part of the new advanced pet system, until I read somebody else's post that cleared everything up for me. Let's take your pet for example. The 53 is the total number of dots in your pet's 'talent' & 'derby' columns. You know....as you level your pet you get a new 'talent' and a new 'derby' and at the end you have four of each. Go ahead and count the little circles next to each 'talent' & 'derby'....and it will add up to your pets first number, which you said was 53. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this now, but just in case......now your pet's second number ( the one in parenthesis ) is the total number of 'dots' your pet currently has from it's 'talent' & 'derby' selects. Since you are now at epic, you have 4 of each and apparently they add up to 22.

Now, based on this information, you can look at your 'talent' & 'derby' columns and see what the highest and lowest possible ( # ) you could of had and compare it to the 22 that you got.

You can also figure out all the other mathematical possibilities....I'm sure I don't need to put them in this post....

Hope this helps to at least explain it all a little better.....

Alexander Mythfinder

May 19, 2009
well thank you everyone for helping me understand this.... except for that one guy.