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Egg Disappearance! - Luis Dragonfountain

Sep 08, 2012
Date: 8/1/2014; 7:00 PM Eastern Timing
Hello, my name is Luis DragonFountain, and I am level 91 Promethean Pyromancer. I have recently hatched an egg with my Leaf Foot, and my Trojan Horse pet, and I was not given an egg for it. I checked both my inventory, bank, shared bank, but nothing was given to me. It has been an hour now, and I still have not received an egg. I also checked the crown shop to buy a hatching elixir to see if it would somehow appear, and it said I had no eggs that needed to be hatched! I am really confused on what I am supposed to do, advice or assistance would be great right now. Thank you.

-Luis Dragonfountain

Hello Luis,

I'm sorry it seems you've lost your egg. Please send an email to support@wizard101.com with your account name (no password) and character name, and they will help you locate the egg.