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Easier way to train pets?

Feb 16, 2010
As everyone knows, it takes very long to train your pet. Considering that you can only chose from 4 minigames. I think when you get in a battle and win, your pet gains 1/4 of the xp you gain. Not too easy, yet not too hard. Honestly i think the minigames are getting boring. The only reason is that the only way to train your pets in to play them.

Also, the prices for hatching pets are WAY too high. It is extremely hard to save up that much money just to use it in one shot. I tried hatching a Dream Ghoul and another persons Minotaur and it said that it was 64,000 GOLD. There is no way i can save up that much money. No one else can probably save up that much either.

I'm just asking KI to update so that pets can gain xp in battle and that hatching prices could go down to maybe 10,000.


Blake ShadowHeart
Master Necromancer