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Does anyone know which pet has resist all?

Nov 21, 2009
I know that pet traits give boosts to damage, accuracy, pip chance, resistances, health, mana, talents, or give a spell. I read that an epic resist talent existed that gave resist all. As an Ice wizard with a current 20% resist all, I would really like to tack on more. I realize that each pet species has a set 10 ten talents that is always the same, but none om my ice colossus are epic. So does anyone know which pet has a resist all epic talent and how to get it?

May 02, 2009
Well the only one I know of is the defender pig (part of the protectors set), which you can get from a rite-aid store for about $20.

Jan 21, 2010
Pets have four chances to learn skills from their skill pool. The skills aren't devided into age groups. If there is a protection from all, talent or power; it could be learned at teen, adult, ancient, or epic. If a pet hadn't learned a skill I was looking for, by the time it reached ancient, I would stop trying to level it up. I really don't like the idea of training a pet for a thousand more points only to get the chance, the mere possibility, of learning one talent out of seven possible remaining talents.

Jun 07, 2009
I think the defender pig gift card one gives the talent at epic and the burnzillla also gives the talent but i'm not sure that the new gifts card of these pets give it anymore if you want that talent you'll probably need to hatch.

Feb 14, 2009
Actually I think KI removed the resist all talents from pets bought from gift cards after the update. I got a pet that was suppose to have resist all as one of the traits unlocked and the traits wasnt even a possiblity (Rank 4 trait and there wasnt one) Though I am not saying this for sure.

Aug 21, 2009
Epic firebat dropped from the Gurtok Barrier Demon in Glacial Wastes in Grizzleheim gives 9% resist all + 9% more resist fire

Epic Flamezilla from Best Buy gift card gives 10% resist all + 10% more resist fire

Defender Pig from gift card gives 9% resist all
War Pig from gift card gives 9% resist all
Brogens of Decreptitude boots gives 5% resist all

Steven DeathBlossom

Nov 21, 2009
Wait, epic firebat has it? Is that pet still dropping? I thought they eliminated that trait. Or did that patch it so that it no longer drops? Because if it still drops i will need to find a low level player and get into grizzlehelm to farm.

Aug 21, 2009
Yes, the Gurtok Barrier Demon in Glacial Wastes still drops a firebat--got one just recently. When the firebat is grown to epic, it can develop a spell-proof trait [9% resist all] and a fire-proof trait [9% resist fire] as two of its four from the trait pool.