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Death Pig, Stormzilla, Wraith

Dec 21, 2008
Does anyone know what death pig and wraith get? or or stormzilla and death pig if death pig mixes get anything at all? Thanks
Samantha Crowvault Death lvl 50
Mackenzie Jadeheart Storm lvl 48

May 02, 2009
It seems like no one pays attention or even bother to look for posts/information about these kinds of things.

Only Lv. 48 pets and Promotional pets can make hybrid pets!

Death pig-anything won't make a new pet; all it will do is give the new pet you get a chance to get some traits of the pet you hatched with.

Stormzilla and wraith can make a grimzilla, and wraith and stormzilla can make tempest.

Apr 02, 2010
Didn't know about the Death Pig unless you mean the Death Ninja Pig, which (supposedly) is dropped by that secret boss in the Crimson Fields in Mooshu you get by raising all the flags. What I would like to know is that boss like Jacques the Scratcher you can only make him show up twice, if so, that pet would be really hard to get. I tried to make the boss appear but I could not, wondering if I messed up the flags or its a Jacques type issue.